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Bun B Speaks On Texas Crisis

Bun B is not impressed with officials in Texas and how they are handling their urgent statewide emergency.

Bun B spoke on how government officials in Texas have been handling and leading civilians in the midst of the state-wide power and water outages from the recent winter storm that has devastated the state on Instagram.

Bun B has shared his concerns on Texas’s civilians and how he has been without water too

In a recent interview, Bun B shared that he has power in his home, but also added the fact that he is still without water, like many other fellow civilians. Bun B mentioned that smaller populated towns in the state have already not had water for a long time due to officials shutting down water systems completely. Bun B further explained how he believes Texas doesn’t have a strong infrastructure to withstand the harsh winter storm.

He expressed, “So the first thing that happened when the storm came in, you know the ice on the roads, we don’t really have the infrastructure, we don’t have the snow trucks and the salt trucks and all of that… so the iced roads had a lot of bad car wrecks in Texas.”

He has also pointed out how Texas is in fact not connected to the federal supply of energy

Bun B then pointed out that Texas is the only state in the country that isn’t connected to the federal supply of energy. Many people are struggling without water and this is a huge issue. He continued to talk about how Texas broke away from the federal supply and through the lack of power many people have died from carbon monoxide poisoning and freezing to death.

He stated, “Pipes start bursting all over town, water started leaking, you’ve got people with icicles in they house, its been wild out here for the last couple of days. While power is back on for a lot of people, there are still over 400 thousand people in Texas that don’t have power. A lot of people don’t have running water. If they do, the pressure is real low and must be boiled because the water system is compromised.”

Bun B ended his concerned statement by reminding people how the government responded to the winter storm when it’s time to vote again in 2022. Bun B also mentioned to viewers that it’s about time to turn the red-dominated state to blue. Georgia is a great example of how the state turned blue after being a red state from 1972-2016.

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