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B.G. Requests Early Release Amid Pandemic

The feds quickly made an attempt to shut down B.G.’s request for early release. 

Last week, Christopher Noel Dorsey, who goes by the stage name B.G. which is short for Baby Gangsta, submitted a request for compassionate release.

B.G.s lawyer rolls out early release plans

Attorney Robert C. Jenkins submitted the request in hopes that B.G. will escape chances of being exposed to COVID-19 while incarcerated. Jenkins suggests the “Factory” rapper faces “significant risks”.

“Here we have a defendant whom has been a model inmate and can do some extraordinary work with the youth of America. He is well known throughout the United States and is ready and willing to be a role model for the youth of America.” Jenkins attested in order to corroborate the request.

Feds ‘throw flag in on the play’

Honey but when the feds got wind of what was going on, they made it a mission to intervene.

“He claims that he suffers from ‘a host of health problems’ but provides no specifics and no documentation or medical records to prove his allegations,” says Attorney Peter G. Strasser.

The 39-year-old rapper is currently serving his time at the United States Penitentiary in Atlanta. B.G. was sentenced to 168 months for two counts of a firearm as a felon and one count of conspiring to obstruct justice. To date, the rapper has served 113 months.

B.G.s attorney stressed that the New Orleans rapper, “has long realized his behavior and actions were wrong and is ready to help the youth of America understand and realize that his plight was wrong and to explain to the youth of America that in this country there is a better way to be a better person and succeed.” 

With nearly 55 months remaining, prosecutors are adamant the “hot boy” will be just fine. If the judge sides with prosecutors, B.G. won’t touch down until 2024.




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