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Asian Doll Reveals her Big King Von Tattoo

Asian Doll pays tribute to King Von with tattoo

Asian Doll reportedly received a gigantic tattoo of the late rapper, King Von, on Wednesday and many people are taking it the wrong way. Twitter and Instagram users hopped on the hate train and explained how they believed Asian Doll only did this for clout.

King Von was loved by many folks and other peers in the music industry and it was such a tragedy to see the rapper’s popularity rising higher than the wave pool for it to suddenly end. Many saw King Von’s potential of possibly being the next big thing in Hip-hop.

In Asian Doll’s reveal video, many were quick to call her out

Following the video of Asian Doll’s reveal on her new tattoo, she captioned the video, “You Kno How It Goes We Don’t Even Play Like Dat Dayvon, this The HARDEST Tattoo On My Body.”

Many suspect a publicity stunt and were quick to call her out on it. Asian Doll’s comments were filled with “capped out comments.” While some do believe that it was a publicity stunt, others feel Asian Doll’s pain of dealing with her dead ex-lover.

A couple of days after King Von’s murder in Atlanta, Asian Doll went on Instagram to express her love for the Chicago rapper.

“I wanna die 2 said it feel like I’m dead already, I’ll never be the same I just hope you visit me in all my dreams I just wanna sleep so I can picture us again I just wanna close my eyes & never open then again… Von I’m gone… My heart is gone I’m just an empty soul in a human body I rather die than to feel this pain I CANT TAKE IT IM NOT STRONG ENOUGH VON,” Asian Doll posted.

During the process of Asian Doll’s mourning, she was disappointed that some of Von’s close friends left him for dead. The tweet was deleted but it said, “Stop crying y’all let them get me. Y’all left my boy when he was unarmed & he would’ve hawked mfs down for them & spent AGAIN & AGAIN & AGAIN sh*t crazy I knew my boy HEART & LOYALTY wasn’t deserved he OK tho.”

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