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Are Jeezy and Gucci Ready to Drop Beef?

Jeezy and Gucci Beefing

The Jezzy and Gucci beef are one of Hip-Hop long-standing beefs. This is one of the few rap beefs that was extremely real and went outside the realms of a diss record. The beef started back in 2005 when Jeezy and Gucci collaborated on the classic track Icy. Jeezy was under the impression that the song would be on his debut album. The track was instead used on Gucci’s debut album Trap House. Jeezy felt he should have been paid for the feature, and claims he never was. Gucci went on to release Icy as lead single and it did extremely well, especially in the south.

Soon after the release, Jeezy put a hit out for Gucci’s chain. Jeezy said “I got a bounty on that sh*t, ni**ga, 10 stacks. So if he comes to your town, and you just so happen to snatch that motherfu*ker off his neck, I’m gonna shoot you the 10 stacks, so I can cremate that motherfu**er”. Shortly after that statement, Gucci responded with a diss track entitled Round One. 

Rap Beef Turned Violent

On May 10th, four men invaded a home Gucci was visiting and began assaulting him. Gucci was able to get to his gun and began firing at the four men, fatally sticking one. Henry Lee Clark III, better known as Pookie Loc, was fatally shot during the altercation. A few days later, Gucci turned himself in for a murder warrant that was issued for his arrest. After nine months of being jailed and charged with murder, Gucci was acquitted; he did admit to shooting the victim but said he acted in self-defense.

Things seemed to have calmed down between the two, but after about a year of silence, Gucci came out with 745. In the third verse of 745, Gucci threw a few shots at Jeezy. In December of 2009, Gucci, who was back incarcerated, called a local radio show and squashed the beef. Gucci went on to say the two would be working on a collaboration album. Over the years the collab album never came to fruition, and the two have even traded words a few more times, but things haven’t gotten violent.

Jeezy guest on ExpediTIously

While on T.I .’s podcast ExpediTIously, Jeezy was flat out asked by Tip, best-case scenario, “what would it take for Jeezy and Gucci to become allies”. Jeezy responded “I just feel like that gotta be one of those mafia backroom conversations, it gotta really be a convo. What I’ve learned over the years this sh*t big business. People that went to Yale still do business with people that went to Harvard, so its just one those real convos, its been decades” It seems like Jeezy is willing to have that conversation if the set up is right, we’ll see if Gucci is up for it.

Hopefully, this is something they can put behind them. This entire beef started over something extremely trivial. But resulted in multiple fights and a lost life. Even if Jeezy and Gucci don’t become best friends, it will be a great move for the Hip-Hop culture to see them embrace each other as allies and enemies.

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