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6ix9ine Ridiculed After Album Sales Forecast Plummets

6ix9ine Ridiculed After Album Sales Forecast Plummet

Poor sales for the new 6ix9ine album have made a lot of people really happy.

Yesterday 6ix9ine’s new album, TattleTales, was looking at the #1 Billboard spot with 150,000 units sold, but new reporting from HitsDailyDouble claims that it’ll be lucky to reach 50,000. It will most likely beat out a 47-year-old Rolling Stones album for the number 2 spot, with Big Sean moving 110,000 units.

Blueface, Lil Tjay, and Lil Durk were quick to jump to social media to troll the “Gooba” rapper.

“This what happens when you go against the voice lol ima outsell him with my eyes closed,” wrote Durk, referencing his new song “The Voice“. Blueface and Lil Tjay responded to the post to poke some fun as well.

Trippie Redd jumped in on the fun too, maniacally laughing to Instagram with the caption referring to 6ix9ine as a “Bitch”.

6ix9ine’s original inflated sales estimates were reportedly decreased due to ineligible bundles. In June Billboard changed how album sales were calculated, removing ticket and merch bundles. Artists repeatedly used this strategy to inflate sales numbers and “supercharge” their chart position, while other artists who have failed to reach no. 1 have long criticized the now antiquated process.

6ix9ine and his team have not yet released a statement on the new estimates, however, 6ix9ine began his complaining the day his new tape dropped. “I’m looking at all these DSPs…Apple Music, Spotify…Yo, they, they completely shut us out like if we didn’t drop an album,” the rap star lamented to The New York Times regarding a lack of support from streaming services. “They act like we didn’t drop… all I’m saying is you already to radio away from us. If you’re gonna cheat us just give us a fair fight.” In the same interview, he said he planned to “just keep dominating,” and that “there’s no difference between me and Tupac Shakur.”

This is where DirtySouthHipHop would usually insert 6ix9ine’s new video featuring Blac Chyna dressed in only sprinkles, but since there’s “no difference” between 6ix9ine and Tupac, here’s an interview with the latter on greed in America.

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