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50 Cent Holds Next “L” in Rick Ross Feud

50 Cent vs Rick Ross

Rick Ross wins yet another lawsuit with 50 Cent

Rick Ross used “In Da Club” for a mixtape in 2015 and recently 50 Cent sued Ross for copyright infringement. “In Da Club” is one of 50 Cent’s most popular and iconic anthems from the early 2000’s. This single from the album “Get Rich Or Die Tryin” launched the mainstream career of 50 Cent in 2003. At this time Fif (50 Cent) was signed under Interscope’s “Shady/Aftermath” label. The record label to this day owns the rights to most of 50 Cent’s discography.

In the early 2010’s after releasing “Before I Self Destruct”, Fif was gearing up for the release of his next album “Street King Immortal”. Unfortunately, Curtis Jackson was having issues with Shady surrounding his next efforts release. This was highly publicized and well known to the public. In 2013, 50 would leave Interscope to release his next album under G Unit records independently. The album was distributed by “Caroline” instead of Interscope. Fif’s previous albums would still be owned by Interscope. While “Animal Ambition” and the never released “Street King Immortal” would be owned by 50 Cent.

With Fif not owning the rights to a song made so early in his career under Interscope, he could not win a lawsuit involving it. The outcome of the appeal stated that 50 must ask Interscope to sue. Not him on his own. Upon hearing this news Rick Ross took to Instagram to gloat about his newest victory.

The never ending beef.

Rick Ross and 50 Cent have been battling since the late 2000’s stemming from the DJ Khalid and 50 beef. 50 Cent unveiled to the world that rapper Ricky Rose was a correctional officer at one time. Fif questioned the legitimacy of a former CO rapping about illegal activities. Unfortunately for 50, Rick Ross’s audience didn’t seem to care and continued to stan Ross. Rick Ross has never forgiven 50 Cent for his accusations and two have beefed ever since.

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