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2 Chainz and Other Stars Collaborate with Dr.Fauci

2 Chainz and Other Celebrities Ask Fauci About COVID

During the first leg of the COVID-19 pandemic, 2 Chainz along with several other celebrities reached out to Dr.Fauci to learn more about the virus. In addition to 2 Chainz, Dr.Fauci’s Zoom call included everyone from Kim Kardashian-West to Gwyneth Paltrow and Orlando Bloom. The meeting was used to discuss precautions in the pandemic and what we can do to protect ourselves.

During an interview with CNN, Dr. Fauci was on record saying, “It was a whole bunch of movie stars and some sports figures and they wanted to know about what they could do to stay safe, about wearing masks and avoiding crowds, I was impressed by the questions they asked, by their level of sophistication.”

The meeting highlighted that there are many celebrities during this pandemic that have a similar set of concerns like the other citizens of the US. Dr. Fauci was happy to see so many high profile celebs stating that their platforms are invaluable in informing the public about COVID Safety Tips.  The strategy comes from Dr.Fauci understanding the influence that celebrities possess.

Valuing the Power of the Platform

Throughout 2020, we have seen several examples of celebrities amplifying their opinions on how we should conduct ourselves during the COVID pandemic.  The meet up with Dr. Fauci featuring so many diverse personalities showing how coming together can prepare us for adversity.

For the Hip-Hop community, representation from 2 Chainz at the meeting shows that the culture possesses range in keeping up with serious world issues.  2 Chainz continues to make his headlines after dropping a spicy verse for Kanye’s Nah Nah Remix where he showed that his outspoken nature is a part of who he is.

More information about the Zoom Meeting between the celebrities and Dr.Fauci can be found on CNN.


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